Every solid project begins with a great foundation. For us, it is the video booth. We knew that partnering with the Connecticut Fatherhood Initiative meant we had to go big or go home. Because of this, we decided that having people share their father stories through video was a better fit than just typing out a message or sending an e-card. Luckily, we’ve contacted Inventive Photo Booth out of Fort Worth Texas for our booth needs. They have been extremely accommodating in getting our order just right. They have never customized a booth for the purpose of video, so this was a learning experience for the both of us!

To provide context to this tour which is brought to you by the Connecticut Fatherhood Initiative (CFI), the CFI is a systems change organization in Connecticut that has been in the state for the past 20 years. They have been ensuring Fathers play an integral role in their children’s lives across Connecticut. The Dear Dad Tour was designed to show the importance fathers have in our society and to promote the Connecticut Fatherhood Initiative to the public.

Back to the booth, we knew we wanted it to be warm, inviting, and easy to use. If you ever catch us out in the field at one of our many tour dates across Connecticut, you’ll find that it’s quite simple! As you can see in the picture below, you come in, sit down, and tell your “Father” story! We ask that patrons spend no more than a minute in the booth as you tell your father story. This ensures that we can get as many people as we can at every event. Please follow us on our Instagram (dear_dad_tour) and Facebook (@DearDadTour) pages to be up to date on our status and to find your video!