It was another beautiful day for the Dear Dad Tour. This time, we hit the road for Norwich Connecticut to be a part of their first-ever Cape Verdean Festival in their downtown area. The event was put together by Global City Norwich and featured recording artists Denis Graça, Candida Rose, and MC Patrick Rodrigues, founder of the Cape Verdean Beautiful People organization.

We were happy to hear many great fatherhood stories, but we also felt for those who shared stories that weren’t as joyful. As the event started to get fired up, we knew we would have a better chance of hearing even more great stories if we hit the nearby street filled with food trucks and other vendors. What we found were wonderful stories from Global City Norwich event coordinator Suki Lagrito, Mommy’s Delicious Food Head Chef Mirlande Daniel, and model and influencer Jean Michael.

What’s most interesting about these stories is how not everyone grew up with a father but they fatherly figures they can look up to that set the benchmark for what a father should be. When we heard these types of stories on the street, we knew that we struck gold in terms of the type of stories we wanted to hear. We thank all of those involved who were willing to share their stories with us as this could be a touchy subject for some people. We look forward to being a part of this great event next year!

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